Thursday, September 09, 2010

Laundry woes part 2

One of the things we discussed when we got married is that it will be cheaper if we just have our clothes cleaned at a laundry shop. Thus we didn't include a washing machine in the list of appliances to purchase. This way, we lessen our electricity and water billing expenses.

There were a few laundry shops in the area which had a pick up and delivery service so it was pretty convenient. I would fold the clothes, specifically list down each item to be washed then simply called them for pick up. We didn't really encounter any problems except when we had to return an item or two which didn't belong to us. They were probably accidentally included in our stash.

A few months ago D noticed that one of his jeans had a pretty nasty stain along the front side of the leg area. You know the kind of stain that occurs when you mix a dark colored item with your whites. So he took it to the laundry shop and they said they will try to remove the stain. After several weeks had passed and we didn't hear from them, D decides to just get the jeans back. But they reason out that they had fired the employee who caused the damage. But in the process, they refused to return the said item. So he demanded to speak to the owner. But apparently she was in the province and they didn't have her number. He spent almost 1 hour at the shop trying to find an acceptable solution to the problem.

To make the long story short, they simply agreed to pay a measly 300 pesos for the aggravation but still refused to give his jeans back. D believes that the shop wanted to avoid us pressing charges against them so they decide to hide the 'evidence'. Take note it took them almost 2 days to come up with the measly amount!

Oh well ... yet another incident of bad service!

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