Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Laundry woes

Since I sometimes sleep over at the condo, I leave some of my clothes inside the closet of my bedroom. Then my mom would include them in the items to be sent to the laundry for washing and ironing.

Just this July, my sister was in town so I spent the whole week at my former residence. On one of our shopping sojourns, I just grabbed the dress pictured below from my closet took a bath and got ready. As we were about to leave, my sister noticed something on my dress. At first she thought that I accidentally pour water on it while drinking. But lo and behold there was a gaping tear on the right side (the tummy part). The kind of tear that is caused by an overheated iron! Actually I had no idea that it was torn! I was shocked and really upset because it is one of my favorite items to wear.

So we confronted the laundry shop and after endless phone calls and much wrangling and heated discussion, they agreed to just pay half the price of the item. For me the damage has been done, there is certainly no price high enough for the mental anguish it caused me. I can never wear it ever again.

Today I find out from my mother that my chiffon blue blouse has also been damaged with exactly the same problem. It was ruined by an overheated iron! Actually I believe it was included in the same batch of clothes together with my purple dress. My mom only noticed it because it was mixed along with her blouses and was placed inside their closet.

Oh dear! Another outfit ruined. That's it I think I will just hand wash my clothes from now. It is quite lamentable that in this country, consumers have no rights whatsoever when it comes to bad service. Tsk tsk.

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