Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Just a quick post before I go watch another film at the Spanish film festival. It is about friendship on where else but the massively appealing social network known as Facebook. I go for quality NOT quantity as far as my contacts are concerned. As much as possible I only add the following people: (1) relatives and (2) friends.

Now the friends category can be further divided into (1) former classmates - even though I barely spoke to some of them during high school but at least I do know them physically. (2) really close friends or kabarkada whose friendships have endured even though we don't see each other as often due to conflicts of our schedules or they now live in a different continent. (3) other bloggers whose blogs I have been reading for a long time so I feel a certain affinity with them.

Now my question is this: Is it bad of me not to add people I have never met but only heard of through my marriage? Also what's up with the kids of these people who have the temerity to request to be added as a friend?

In the first place, I am of the opinion that young kids shouldn't have their own facebook pages at all. I figure most of them are made by their mothers but duh it just comes out as a popularity contest when young kids should simply enjoy their childhood without worrying who has the most friends on their list, right?

My major pet peeve though is that these people are the ones who have the gall to keep asking or commenting in some form or another "when will we have a baby?". Well they ask the hubby pero sa totoo lang it merely adds to my stress instead of encouraging me when I see their comments posted on FB for the whole wide world to see/read!!!

But you know what? I do end up confirming their requests because they might think I was 'mayabang' or a snob. But I do it under much duress ha and not out of affinity, affection, consanguinity or whatever reason they might be.

Ok I'm done with my rambling rant! Time to go and amuse myself. :D

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