Friday, October 15, 2010

Let's take a walk

One of my fave places in this bustling city is the Greenbelt shopping mall. It has evolved from a small shopping arcade to an upscale mall set within luscious greenery and a koi pond. Within its premises, it has boutiques, stores, restaurants, a chapel, 2 cinema theaters (one at the original Greenbelt and at Greenbelt 3) and a park.

Plus the place holds special meaning for me since it is where D and I had our first date. 3 years ago on a hot and humid Saturday, we finally met for the first time. I remember getting there early so I browsed muna at Powerbooks. Then we just made it in time for the Anticipated Mass at the Chapel. Afterwards, we watched a movie (Spider Man 3) then capped the evening with dinner at Teriyaki Boy. Back then, I had no idea that rendez vous would culminate in a marriage - 29 months exactly today! =)

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