Monday, February 07, 2011

Kwentong "Barbero"

With prices of EVERYTHING (from taxi fare, toll gate fees to basic commodities like milk, bread) rising at an alarming cost, it is pretty hard to budget one's hard earned salary. But by buying cheaper brands, I managed to accumulate some savings. So with the extra money I figured I might as well go for my upper lip waxing. A luxury I only indulge in whenever some important occasion comes up. Otherwise the concealer is my best friend. Heh.

So it is no wonder that my suki 'waxer' or whatever you call that person who does the procedure was happy to see my hairy self. After making endless excuses that I really don't need (several) laser sessions to permanently remove pesky facial hair and explaining why I rarely show my hairy self to said establishment, she started making kwento.

And boy does she talk, talk and talk while attending to me. One of her kwentos made me laugh out really loud. A mother and her child came for some procedure. She didn't specify the exact service she provided. Nor did she mention the age of the child.

Child: Mommy pang tuition ko na yan pinapagawa mo ha.
(Mommy that's my tuition fee you are spending ha)

The mother either didn't know what to say or chose not to reply out of shame or embarrassment.

Child: Di bale na Ma sige magpaganda ka, baka maghanap ng ibang babae si dad at iwanan ka. (It's ok Ma go ahead, make yourself beautiful because Dad might look for another woman and leave you!)


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