Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Normally, we would visit different churches on Maundy Thursday after hearing the Last Supper mass. Then on Good Friday, we would listen to the Seven Last Words.

But this year I'm in Singapore, obviously. With everything that has been going on, I've been in a daze this Holy Week. I've been cooped up inside my sister's flat making sure she was comfortable and in minimal pain as much as possible. It has only been a week (time does fly by so fast) since she had surgery so her wounds are still pretty sore.

Tons of meds are fed into her weak body. From antibiotics, painkillers to vitamin supplements and gastric meds which prevent gastric pains from too many toxins. It is a vast amount and for someone like me who rather not take any pills even for a headache, it is nauseting to think about it. But it is necessary ... so be it.

Besides she is pretty used to taking loads of meds since she has had many ailments in such a short time. Imagine she has only been here 2 years yet her health has deteriorated rapidly and it is quite alarming. Most if not all I blame on her toxic workload, her travels and her blinding dedication to her career.

Anyhow, it rains alot here so I don't mind being stuck in her apartment. So I decided to amuse myself by taking pictures of her light fixtures of all things! They are quite elaborate, elegant and their brightness contribute towards making this flat quite cozy and homey.


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