Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hospital visits

This past week, I had to go for my OB Ultrasound for 4 straight days. Specifically a procedure known as follicle monitoring. It was totally draining and quite exhausting for me both physically and mentally. Yet I persevere with unwavering faith and abundant support from my family.

Since I practically 'lived' there, I noticed the nursing scrubs and the uniform of the hospital staff varied every day. It also came in different colors each day. It consisted mostly of short sleeved pants suits for the secretaries of the doctors as well as the staff of the admissions office. While the nurses wore either printed top or plain scrubs with sky blue scrub pants.

They always provided their services with a genuine smile and were extremely polite and courteous to everyone. Now that made the endless task of waiting (sometimes it seemed forever) for my turn at the ultrasound and for the consultation with my OB GYNE a lot more easier to endure!

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