Sunday, May 29, 2011


SO now that my grand vacation and weekend getaways are out of the way, it was time to buckle my belt (as well as my completely depleted wallet) and head back to the fertility treatments.

Honestly, it's something I'm not really keen on and it doesn't really make me want to jump out of bed in the mornings, but it is an elusive quest that I need to hurdle every month. It is pretty much like an impossible dream and I feel like I am chasing pavements but such is life and there is no harm in dreaming and hoping, is there?

Luckily, we discovered this new resto right across the hospital that serves reasonably priced Chinese food so it makes the endless waiting for my turn at the OB Ultrasound completely worth it.

By the way, the results for this month weren't exactly positive so I guess I will eat at that resto ulit next month before another round of tests.

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