Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The neighborhood

Apparently while I was away in Singapore during the months of April and May, our neighbors in the 2nd and 4th apartment vacated.

I knew that the 'megaphone' as I called her because she was such a loud mouth you could hear her voice miles away was due to leave in October 2011. But it seems, she left end of April.

There had been some troubles with neighbor number 2. You see sometime mid March, D & I came home from church and there was a shouting match going on in the 2nd apartment. M, the sister of I (the husband who works in Saudi) was accusing J, the wife of having a boyfriend while her poor husband slaves away in the Middle East. Accusations were hurled, denials were screamed but it all eventually died down by mid evening. Apparently, then it seems that the husband suddenly decides to cancel his contract to come home and hie off the entire brood (wife and 2 young kids) to the province (Mindoro) to live (hopefully) in rustic tranquility.

So now apartment # 4 is occupied by a boisterous group of single ladies with kids who like to gossip all day outside in the 'porch' area. I'm not sure if they are related or they work together.

While apartment # 2 is being rented by a family with 3 kids aged 11, 5 and a newly born baby. Ergo, newly born bunso cries all the time. That is perfectly fine with me, after all that's what babies do, right? They cry and cry and cry and cry.

I haven't formally met any of them because I'm an anti-social being who doesn't know how to make small talk. I stay cooped up in the house all day, keeping myself busy with cooking, laundry and online activities.

In fact, I think they barely knew I existed because one of them burst out to D "Oh may asawa pala kayo" in such a tone that they might have been (a) disappointed that D was married and/or (b) they thought that D lived alone. :D

Either way, I don't really give a heck. As long as they don't expect me to go out of my comfort zone and chit chat with them, I'm good.

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