Thursday, August 04, 2011

Rain or Shine

Wow so the sun finally shines after consecutive storms and monsoon rains battered our beloved nation for almost a week. It's nice to have the rays of the mighty sun embrace our skin BUT I'm not loving it.

If I was given a choice by some genie who suddenly appears out of nowhere, I would instantly pick a rainy day over a dry warm sunny day in a heartbeat.

Rains constitute gloomy dark skies with loud thunderstorms and bolting lightning strokes. Incessant flash floods. Horrific traffic jams. Massive evacuations of settlers in low laying areas. Suspension of classes. In short, a really major inconvenience.


For me, it signifies abundance. For an agricultural country, we need the rains for our harvests to flourish. We need the rains for the dams to be filled for a sufficient water supply for our faucets. The rains would also give us cooler climates!

And on a personal note, classes (in all levels) being suspended equals hubby being at home. He gets to rest from working long hours and working too much. Now I know that is a really selfish reason but this is my blog so grin and bear it, why don't you! :D

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