Thursday, September 29, 2011

The morning after

In the three years of our wedded life, I'd say that "Pedring" the tropical typhoon which hit the Philippines on Tuesday is by far the strongest storm I've experienced. Actually, it started raining in the wee hours of Tuesday with the winds intensifying at alarming speed. By 8am, it was still very dark and the electricity went off. Thankfully classes in all levels were suspended so D was home.

We had to cook rice without the rice cooker. Or rather he did since I didn't want to eat porridge for lunch. :D The winds were still pretty intense throughout the afternoon. With no TV, no Internet connection, no dial tone on our land line and no signal on our cellphones, we just stayed in bed reading and we would occasionally doze off.

Fortunately, power came back at 6pm. But we were still without any cable TV and dial tone. Cellphone signal would fluctuate. The storm was still raging outside with all its might that I thought our roof would fly away any instant. I wanted to go out and buy a cake for D's birthday but it wasn't a good idea unless I didn't mind getting soaked to the bones.

On Wednesday, the weather had slightly improved vis a vis the strong winds but it was raining incessantly. But it was D's 47th birthday so I decided to just order from Max's Restaurant. We had chicken, pancit canton and lumpiang shanghai for his birthday lunch. And ice cream for dessert. By the time the food was delivered, I was already very hungry I forgot to take a picture of his little birthday "feast".

Needless to say, it doesn't take much to satisfy my hubby. In his words 'as long as we are together, happy na ako'. So I'm happy that he is happy even though I didn't buy him any gift! :D

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