Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Under my umbrella ... ella ... ella

One of the must have accessories in this tropical nation of ours is the ubiquitous umbrella. I used to bring a tiny one that could easily fit in my bags but now I no longer do so.
For (1) I still get wet because the umbrella is too tiny. And (2) Tiny umbrellas tend to get broken easily once they get overturned from strong winds.

So nowadays I bring a large one. But sometimes I tend to forget them in taxis, at the church or at the supermarket. One time, I deposited it at the baggage counter at a mall and totally forgot to claim it back. I only remembered 3 days after and I had a difficult time explaining to the counter staff that it was indeed mine. Blah! :D

I also notice that the day I intentionally forget to bring an umbrella because it is/was sunny outside, it starts to rain when it is time to go home. Now this is a silly observation but I notice that whenever I am too lazy to put on my contact lens and go out wearing my glasses, it would also start to rain. It is like some higher being knows that I was a lazy poke so HE punishes me with raindrops. :D

So yes from this day forward I intend to always wear contact lenses and bring an umbrella. I just need to remember not to misplace it. =)

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