Saturday, November 26, 2011

An outing este a date pala

For the longest time I've been hankering D about going to Manila Ocean Park to see the Humboldt penguins. As luck would have it, they have this special promo this Holiday season. For the price of 600 pesos, you get a ticket for the oceanarium and the Penguin exhibit. It was D's first time to go to Manila Ocean Park while it was my second time so we might as well take advantage of this promo.

We got there early but I guess not early enough since there were bus loads of kids on field trips all waiting to enter the premises. Luckily they had a separate line but once you get inside, it is a shoving and pushing match for the first one to get a clear view of the aquariums. Total chaos. But since D is tall, I gave him the camera to snap away while tiny me was being crushed by the throes of noisy, unruly kids. It's good that it was my second time so I just breezed through most of them. :D

Some of the shots were blurry because it is difficult to capture a moving target like schools of fish who swim happily in its enclosure. Or it could also be due to the shoving and pushing one must endure for a nice shot of the aquariums.

But overall I had fun! The penguins deserve a separate post.

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