Monday, January 16, 2012

Stanley, Hong Kong (December 21, 2011)

My sister has been so busy in her new job that she barely finds the time to explore Hong Kong. She told us her list of places to visit was quite long. Besides it ain't really fun to venture out to new places by your lonesome self.

One of the places in her (long) list was Stanley. This waterfront town located in the southeastern part of Hong Kong is a favorite hang out for the locals and expats. A peaceful and serene environment along with the fresh sea breeze are its main attraction. The journey aboard a double decker aircon bus is a scenic route through narrow zigzag roads. It offers a fantastic view of the whole of Hong Kong island especially if you sit on the upper deck. You pass by posh bungalows and towering condominiums in the Aberdeen area. You also get a panoramic view of Repulse Bay with its pristine beaches.

Once you reach Stanley, the must see places are the Stanley Market, a bazaar (tiangge), the Murray House ( a Victorian era colonial building that now houses various fine dining restaurants), the Stanley Plaza an upscale mall. It also has a waterfront with a wide promenade. A nice place for a date or a pleasant venue to simply soak in the fresh sea breeze.


Heart of Rachel said...

Nice photos! Stanley looks like a lovely place to visit. I will keep it in mind. It looks even more splendid at night.

Daphn3 LaurA said...

Yes it is all lighted up at night. :)