Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reel time

As far back as I can remember, our family have always loved (watching) movies. Growing up overseas, we always did things together, just the four of us.

One of our favorite hobbies was going to the cinema theater. "Benji", some movie about a dog was if I recall correctly the very first film I saw at the cinema. I was barely 6 or maybe already 7 years old. Every weekend we would troop to the movie houses and be entertained. So I would know most of the Hollywood actors and actresses playing these myriad of characters from the leading roles to the supporting cast.

Another family tradition was to watch the awards shows like the Golden Globes and the Oscars. Not only to see the celebrities all glamed up for the occasion. I also like to see which actors would bring home the coveted trophies, watch the production numbers, the clips of the nominated movies, the monologue of the host(s). The acceptance speeches of the winners is a personal favorite part of the Awards.

I've been like majorly sticking to this tradition up to this day and age. A period when the actors of my youth now portray mother roles and may have gained a few pounds. Just like me. Well the weight not the maternal part. But in essence they have also matured and aged gracefully both in their looks (not all, but in general) as well as in their acting abilities.

So it is a bit sad (for want of a better word) that nowadays, I rarely step into a movie theater. For one, movie tickets are too pricey. Secondly, my hubby doesn't share this hobby with me. Third, it just takes a lot of effort, period.

Naturally, the next best option would be to watch movies on my laptop in the comfort of my home, dressed in my 'pambahay' with earphones so I can hear the dialogue clearly. Of course, I've indulged in this lonely habit, for some time now.

But in a recent email exchange with a fellow movie buff (based in another country), he strongly believes that a film is best experienced in a movie theater. That I was selling out by watching it on a smaller surface.

Although, I do believe he has a very valid point, I did however feel slightly insulted when he said I was selling out. I don't think so! I still watch movies (when time permits) and whether it is on the big screen or on my laptop shouldn't matter. What matters most is that my passion for film doesn't diminish and make me less of a movie buff. Suffice to say, he got a slew of emails from me tongue lashing him for his views.

How about you? Which do you prefer? Watching movies at the cinema or at home?


kayni said...

Believe me, I used to be at the movies with my dad every time a new movie comes out; that was when we were living in Baguio. Now, I only choose the movie I'll go see at the cinema. There are those movies really worth watching on the big screen, and there are those movies that still convey their stories on my computer screen. I agree, movies are also getting expensive. Here's it's $15 per person, plus the popcorn and soda. So it goes to about $50 or more if kepi, mom and I go to the theater.

Duds said...

I used to do it every weekend. Now movies on my laptop or on my PC works for me. I only choose the movies I want to see on the big screen. Especially those that has special effects that wows you on the big screen but doesn't look too impressive on the laptop.

I agree with you. While you do lose some detail when you watch a movie on the small screen, it really doesn't guarantee that you will see every detail on the big screen. Beside, there's pause and rewind on the pc. You can't do that in a theater. Each has its own rewards and faults. But it doesn't diminish the love for them.

Photo Cache said...

big movies like hp, lotr, transformers, etc those with lots of cgi - those i watch on the theater/cinema. but love stories, chick flicks, comedy and everything else, i wait for them at netflix.

my decision to do so is based on financial reasons. it is very expensive to watch movies here.

Daphn3 LaurA said...

@Kayni yes watching a movie won't be complete without a bucket of popcorn and soda so it all adds up to the expenses. Ay naku, inflation!

Daphn3 LaurA said...

@Duds Aside from being able to pause and rewind the scenes, I've also gotten used to reading subtitles. I specifically download them so I can better understand the dialogue :D

Daphn3 LaurA said...

@Photo Cache I wish we had Netflix here so I could watch them on my DVD Player. Sometimes when I watch movies on my laptop I tend to fall asleep. LOL

But I guess the advantage is that I can watch it again when time permits.