Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random observations on a Wednesday

  • Prank calls are the stupid doings of lonely, bored and boring personalities.

  • But getting a prank call as a wake up call sucks super duper big time!

  • Nowadays, the first websites I log on when I go online are my facebook and twitter pages.

  • FB to gawk at other people's vacation pictures and silently wishing I was on vacay too.

  • Strangely enough I now get news updates from tweets! Shocking, no?

  • As well as juicy bits of gossip from reality stars supposedly now known as celebrities.

  • And minute by minute tweets about the ongoing Impeachment trial of the CJ from all parties concerned. From the media, the attorneys, the senator judges themselves and a whole gamut of people who are tuned in regularly. It is addictive!

  • I've also gotten into heated arguments with people whose views I've opposed.

  • Come on, people! Just because I disagree with your opinions doesn't make me a negative person. I'm just expressing my views, geez! Lighten up.

  • To ease the 'tension' I log off and play Scrabble on FB.

  • Nothing beats widening your vocabulary, any time!

  • I decided to fry tilapia for dinner which I really hate. I mean I dislike frying fish not the fish itself. I got oil spats all over my tank top, the skin of the fish got stuck to the bottom of the pan and I 'ruined' the dish!

  • That's it! Next time I will leave the frying of marine life creatures to D. God bless him ... he can fry fish without losing his sanity. :D

  • Despite repeated warnings from the Church annotators for people to dress appropriately when they attend mass, I still see people (mostly teenagers) in tank tops and short shorts.

  • You devote only ONE hour every week to worship so have the decency to respect the rules. Parents need to teach good morals and lead by example. Unless, of course when the parents themselves break the rules. Tsk tsk.

  • In church, sitting behind families with small cute babies can be very very distracting. Most of the time (during the entire mass) you end up cooing and making funny faces at the toddlers. Bad, yon! But I'm guilty as charged.

  • During this month First Friday mass, an old lady (must be around 60+) squeezed herself into the pew. She sat herself beside me. Come on, if you are going to hear mass be early or on time. If not, then just stand at the back of the Church. Don't force yourself into the pew when you can CLEARLY see that it is already full.

  • The funny thing is that the other lady who was seated on her right side, kept berating the late comer to go sit somewhere else. She kept whispering 'puno na kami dito, lipat kayo sa ibang lugar' But what does the latecomer do? She totally ignored the other lady and even inched herself more into the pew.

  • Gosh! There you are inside a place of worship where you are supposed to be in a prayerful mode and you have two women (old ones at that) squabbling over a seat! Only thing I can say is that you would think that women of their stature would know and behave way better than most people. Grabe.

  • That is one thing I cannot stand - inconsiderate people who don't give a hoot about their bad behavior. Unfortunately, their lot seems to be increasing instead of diminishing.

  • I am in a constant state of worry that with the price of every commodity, services and utilities increasing at an alarming rate, we would end up sacrificing too much of our already very spartan lifestyle. God have mercy!

  • I got to watch a movie (after my first friday mass) at the cinemas, after such a long time. Then I immediately regretted it because the ticket was priced at 200pesos. As I was watching the film ("Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close") I kept thinking I could have bought 200 pesos worth of groceries, instead! But I really enjoyed the film so it was such a guilty pleasure.

  • Finally, I am really hoping that my sister will be able to take some time off this Holy Week. She needs a break to spend some time with her family here. It would also be a break for me from my routine. So please make it happen, now na!


kayni said...

long list

i usually attend the 8 am mass here, so i guess most church goers are older and decently dressed. unlike the 10:30 am one, where it's mostly a younger crowd attending.

i hope your sister get a break. i, myself, am thinking of taking a break from work and just do nothing. i'm in a weird funk these hard to explain. parang walang inspiration.

Daphn3 LaurA said...

I know, Kayni lol

Maybe because the climate here is so darn hot and humid but still ... that is not a valid excuse. It is just one hour every week so being decently dressed for church shouldn't be hard.

I understand you being in a weird funk, I get that feeling as well. Not pleasant. So blah!

Photo Cache said...

so not getting sucked into the tweeter thing. my hubby is tolerating my blogging and fbing. now if i add tweeter into the fold, i'm sure we'd need therapy soon :)

Daphn3 LaurA said...

hehe Photo Cache, I didn't know that blogging and fbing were stressful activities for you and your hubby.
I think it helps that D doesn't read my blogs nor does he FB too much.

I just 'try' to lurk on tweeter until I'm provoked to 'share' my opinions on issues I'm passionate about. LOL :D