Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The best exercise for weight lost is walking. My father who is 75 years old walks every day. He didn't have to join any gym, nor buy expensive sporting attire to get his cardio workout going. Garbed in a comfy tee, a pair of walking shorts and good rubber shoes, it doesn't really take much. He has been telling me for the longest time that walking is how to lose weight fast.

Well I may not do it daily but believe me our recent Holy Week trip to visit churches was one tough exercise. We walked all over, went up and down stairs, sweated my jeans off because it was really scorching hot. Actually it was my mistake to wear jeans and blouses for the trip. My conservative self prevailed, I didn't want to enter churches dressed in shorts and tank tops. I was under the impression we would just go in, say our prayers then leave for the next place of worship. I was wrong. Next time I will be better prepared! :D

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