Saturday, May 19, 2012

City of Pines (May 14, 2012)

At 12:20am of the eve of our wedding anniversary, we were nicely tucked in a deluxe bus to Baguio City. I dozed on and off in a nice, comfy reclining chair. Then suddenly the lights come on and the stewardess (yes there was one!) announced we were approaching our destination. I check my watch it was only 4:30AM. Wow our driver must have zipped up the zigzag road like a formula one driver!

I was a bit worried that our room won't be available that early in the morning. Although I did list our time of arrival as 6:30am. But lo and behold, we were in our room by 5:05am! We booked at the Microtel Inn and Suites which has a walk way connected to the Victory Liner Bus terminal. How convenient.

Then it was time to explore Baguio on foot. The weather was a bit nippy since it was still quite early in the morning. So it was a pleasant walk.

We passed by the controversial SM Baguio. Just a few distance from our hotel

The Baguio Cathedral (Lady of the Atonement Cathedral)

We saw the Baguio public market already teeming with activity

We admired the Cordillera Freedom Monument - a sculptural tribute to all ethnic groups who struggled against colonial rule and aggression. It is sculpted by Toym De Leon Imao.

We actually got lost looking for the Cafe by the Ruins. Simply because I left the printout of places to eat in Baguio at the hotel. But after walking all over Baguio and asking a tourist police, we had a hearty breakfast

I had the fisherman's breakfast which consists of fried crispy dalag with grilled tomato and fried rice (sinangag)

While D ate the Filipino Lon-si-log aka Longganisang Hubad with Sinangag and Itlog.

It is a quaint lil nook in the heart of the city. It serves fresh, organic food whose ingredients are bought from the nearby public market.

It used to be the mansion of the former governor of Baguio which was heavily bombed during World War 2. A bullet riddled and shrapnel infested wall still stands as a testimony to its historic past.


Photo Cache said...

you two look so cute. i like your choice of breakfast. miss eating dalag. couldn't find one here.

Daphn3 LaurA said...

:D Thanks! Yes, the dalag was so crispy. Yum.