Saturday, May 12, 2012

Marry month of May

I figure I can safely say that summer of 2012 has been pretty hectic. By summer I'm referring to the months that D is off work, the school holidays. It is only now that I am able to take a breather without the need to do a million things on my list. I've uploaded most if not all of the pictures on my Flickr account. That is complete with captions! I'm up to date with the latest episodes of my fave TV shows. I've done most of the pending household chores which piled up like crazy. I even managed to get my annual hair treatment at my regular salon. It was at a discounted price since there were having a promo/sale the week I visited. I've also caught up on some reading before I doze off at nights.


What I like to call the 'main event' for this month is a couple of days away. Nope, it isn't Mother's day although surely we will be treating my beloved Mom to lunch, tomorrow. It was supposed to be a surprise trip for us to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary on the 15th. But it is really difficult to schedule an out of town trip let alone a surprise, at that! Ergo, I had to let D in on my plan to spend our anniversary in the City of Pines. A city which I am ashamed to admit I've never set foot on. I'm excited to explore it for the first time! I need to pack and make sure I don't bring too much as we are taking public transport. I also need to learn to leave 'worries' behind because I don't want to ruin a planned trip.

So this blog is going to be 'neglected' yet again. Poor thing. But I promise to brighten it up with lively entries upon our return. :D


Photo Cache said...

enjoy your baguio vacation. i've only been in baguio 2x and i don't live too far away.

Daphn3 LaurA said...

Thanks we did! :)

Oh that's a pity but now that I've been there I'd say it is a pretty small place so you can make the rounds quite easily.