Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Baguio Cathedral (May 15, 2012)

It was our 4th wedding anniversary so we woke up early to hear the 6:30am Mass at the rose colored Baguio Catholic Cathedral. In 1907, Catholic missionaries from Belgium established a tiny chapel dedicated to St. Patrick. In 1920, phases of the Cathedral were built on this hill in the heart of Baguio City. It is easily accessible from Session Road through 100 flight of stairs.

The cathedral was finally consecrated in 1936 and dedicated to Our Lady of Atonement. During World War II it became an evacuation center and withstood the Japanese carpet bombing of the city in 1945, thereby saving thousands of lives.

The cathedral has undergone extensive repairs and renovation and was re-opened to the public last November 25, 1990 during the celebration of "Christ The King."

We merely walked from our hotel to the Cathedral. The weather was pleasant with a cool morning breeze. We got there early so the 6AM mass was still ongoing. This gave us time to capture the Cathedral from several angles.

*** The first image as well as the last two pictures in this post were taken on our last day in Baguio (May 17, 2012). After lunch at a restaurant in Session Road, we climbed the 100 (steep) steps leading to the Cathedral. We lighted candles and uttered a prayer for our safe trip back to Manila. ***


Kayni said...

I used to go there all the time, just to sit and pray. Your posts are making me miss Baguio.

Daphn3 LaurA said...

Yes I like how solemn it is inside the Cathedral.

I miss Baguio too mostly it's cool weather as I need to take several showers to feel cool here in the metropolis!