Thursday, June 21, 2012

A good fright

My insomnia lingers. I tried reading a book. It usually does the trick within 10 minutes. But this time it didn't work. So I switch on the TV and starting watching an Adam Sandler movie. I caught it midway but it wasn't difficult to grasp. Most of his movies are mindless entertainment. In other words, no heavy thinking required. I switched the TV off. I read another book. After around 20 pages, I got bored and was still wide awake. While D was already far off in dreamland, sleeping like a baby. Not fair! :D

So on goes the TV yet again. After channel surfing for a few minutes, I settled on Star Movies. Haunted Changi was on. It is a documentary of some Singaporean students who want to document the apparent ghost apparitions at old Changi Hospital. It was bombed during World War 2 so a lot of lives perished within its premises. At first, they keep showing footage of them exploring the different floors of the hospital. Nothing 'concrete' was established. Then it started getting creepy as some of the characters got sick. As the film went on, I suddenly got quite scared. I was literally cowering under the covers.

So I shut my eyes really tight and guess what? I fell asleep! Nothing like a good fright to get the zzz. Hopefully, next time reading would do the trick. I can't bear the thought of watching horror movies, every night just to fall asleep. Scary thought!

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