Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Laguna Loop

On this very rainy day when we celebrate our 114th Independence Day, let me take you on a tour of beautiful old churches in the province of Laguna.

Before the sun rose, D & friends took off on the last day of May for Laguna. Armed with their cameras, they were on a 'mission' to capture as many churches as possible on film.

(1) St. Peter of Alcantara Parish Church, Pakil

St Peter of Alcantara Church

St Peter of Alcantara Parish Church

(2) St. John the Apostle Church, Paete

Paete Church

main altar of St John the Apostle Church

(3) St. John the Baptist Church aka Longos Church, Kalayaan

stone church of Longos

(4) San Sebastian Parish Church, Lumban

wooden ceiling of San Sebastian Parish Church

Simbahan ng Lumban,  Laguna

(5) Sta. Maria Magdalena Church, Magdalena

Sta Maria Magdalena Church

main altar, Sta Maria Magdalena Church

(6) the rose colored St. Gregory the Great Parish Church, Majayjay

Facade, St Gregory the Great Parish Church

interiors of St Gregory the Great Parish Church

(7) the famous red bricks of St. John the Baptist Parish, Liliw

St. John the Baptist Parish

adoration chapel

(8) Cathedral Church of St. Paul, San Pablo

facade of Cathedral Church of St. Paul

(9) St. Bartholomew Parish Church, Nagcarlan

St. Bartholomew Parish Church ("Nagcarlang Church")

They also included this historical landmark in their itinerary

NHI sign at Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Nagcarlan underground cemetery

Nagcarlan underground cemetery

Nagcarlan underground cemetery grounds


Kayni said...

That's a lot of churches, and I love the old, historical look. The churches where I grew up are newer and have no Spanish influence.

Daphn3 LaurA said...

Yes I was amazed they managed to see that many churches in just one day. Well they did leave at the unholy hour of 4am.

I'm sure you get to see several ancient churches when you travel. I have quite an affinity for old churches and I make it a point to visit them when I traveled. :)