Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sleep, Interrupted

One would think that with the incessant rains we experienced the past days, it would be conducive to get a good night sleep. On the contrary, it kept me up most nights. It seems that a few days every month, I get insomnia attacks. Several issues cloud my mind all at once that I stay up at nights worrying about them.

For instance, a certain portion of our bedroom's ceiling leaks when there is a heavy downpour. We have constantly reminded our landlord's son about it but so far he hasn't lifted a finger to fix it. So we always have a bucket in our bedroom. Not a good idea because it breeds mosquitoes which could cause a dengue outbreak in our very house! Nice, NOT!

Then there is the never ending problem with my computer. It has 'tantrums'. On some days, it works perfectly while other days it won't even switch on. The strange thing is when the technician came to fix it, it didn't cause any problems. He inspected it and found nothing wrong with the unit. Yet the very next day, it didn't start even if I switched it on several times.

There are also a number of worrisome matters which plague my mind on a constant basis. I sometimes wonder if I am having cabin fever or worse some lingering illness which hasn't manifested its symptoms yet, like insanity, for instance?

So lack of sleep = eyebags + cranky attitude (mainit ang ulo). Poor D bears the brunt of my temper, unfortunately. But he has this carefree attitude that nothing ever frazzles him even when I give him the silent treatment. This in turn upsets me all the more since I get the sense he does not care if the roof caves in or that I am unable to do my work when my PC conks out. Even though I can use his computer but it isn't the same!

So it is a no win situation, ha?


Kayni said...

I'm with you on insomnia. I was just complaining yesterday that I didn't get any sleep at all. I get it at least twice a week and it isn't good for me since I'm on strong meds and my body needs a lot of rest. The more you grow old yata the more issues surface.

I hope you're not cranky today :).

Daphn3 LaurA said...

I was able to sleep in today because D is off on Wednesdays so I did not have to wake up early.

But still a bit cranky because my PC won't start! Kainis!