Monday, September 03, 2012

Weekend edit

I had to wear my 'editor' cap, this weekend. 

My sister emailed some articles for me to peruse for any grammatical and syntax errors. As well as offer my opinion on the coherence of the write ups. I was also consulted by D to edit several paragraphs he wrote for a school project. 

And to think that my sister is *the* editor of a trade publication while D is a history professor.

Surely I don't mind helping them but it can be mentally taxing for my rusty brain cells.  But their heartfelt praises of gratitude is enough reward for my efforts. 

Perhaps, next time I should charge them for my services. :D



Photo Cache said...

hahaha, i think you should definitely charge for your services. it could be in the form of dinner too.

editing is such a taxing job.

Daphn3 LaurA said...

Yes I figure dinner, movie tickets, shopping spree are all good options for my "fee". :D