Friday, November 09, 2012

Disruption of Service

This morning, I woke up and there was no electricity. 

I called Meralco and was informed our barangay will be without power from 8:30 AM to 4 PM as they were installing anti lightning devices to their electric posts.

Nice!  NOT!

So I spent my time reading in the natural light while fanning myself, now my arms hurt from holding a hard bound book in one hand and the 'pamaypay' in the other hand.

When it was lunch time, I realized I've forgotten how to cook rice without the rice cooker so I just opened canned clam chowder soup and had it with 2 slices of loaf bread which I 'toasted' in a frying pan. 

After lunch, I decided to defrost the ref as it started to melt without the power on.  Good idea since there was still some cool air emanating from the refrigerator.

I took another shower at around 3pm and decided to gulp down the remaining contents of the Coffee Crumble ice cream which was starting to melt.

So I'm glad I survived 8 hours of no power by being productive.  Doing things which I would otherwise neglect as I would be sitting in front of my computer.  Plus I got to eat ice cream so that's an extra bonus.

But please no more power interruption!!!


Ping-i said...

I live in a town in Cameroon, which did not have electricity for several months. I read a lot by lamp light.

DaPHne LAura said...

Hey Wil long time no comment :D!

Although we live under different circumstances, reading by lamp light could be quite perilous to one's eye sight, if I may say so myself.

But I understand we make do with what we are given. :D