Wednesday, November 21, 2012

(Less) Rice

In anticipation of our vacation next month, I've gone on a diet, kuno.  That way I can make space in my tummy for the food binge that is guaranteed to take place in the land of dimsum and noodles.

So for the past week, I've been eating less carbs.  This involves eating rice only during dinner. I tried doing it the other way around but I was starving so much I had insomnia for a couple of nights.  

For about 5 years now, I have basically decreased my rice intake. When we dine in restaurants I give half of my rice to D who is a voracious rice eater.   I've also stopped drinking soft drinks and just order iced tea as my beverage.

Yesterday I had a small bowl of mushroom soup with crackers for lunch.  A tiny slice of salmon with salad (diced carrots and green beans with corn kernels) and rice for dinner. So I feel much lighter!

I'm a slow cook as I like to take my time chopping all the ingredients.  I also wear an absorbent head band as I get into quite a sweaty state what with all the boiling and frying that goes on in the kitchen.   Being a patient person, it can take an hour to get meals ready in this household.

Today for lunch, I had this bowl of beef sopas which I cooked from scratch not the instant type available in supermarkets.  I would have sprinkled some bacon bits on top but I haven't eaten pork in a decade so tough luck! :D

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