Thursday, November 15, 2012


Last August, there was a promo with a budget airline so I booked our Christmas trip, early.  It turns out we won't be able to travel on our chosen date due to a rescheduling of school activities.

I had no choice but to rebook our tickets.  I got quite a shock at how much I had to pay to rebook our fares.  The difference in ticket fares + rebooking fee (per pax) + taxes amounted to a whooping 8,325.70 pesos!!!

I was quite crossed with D because I kept asking him to confirm the exact dates. But I guess it isn't his fault if they (the admin) decided to reschedule the activity. So much for affordable fares using promo rates. I have no choice really it is beyond my control.  

I just need to find a way to ease down our budget to pay for this extra expense.  But I am doing this under protest and I am still totally pissed with D, with myself, with the airlines, with  everyone in general.   Ugh!

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