Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tinted Love

I believe that one of the most fabulous things invented well in terms of make up items is the tinted lip gloss.  It's simply grand. You have a lip gloss combined with a lipstick. So it has a double function. 

In 2005,  I bought an Estee Lauder perfume (a gift for my mom) and it came with a free sample of tinted lip gloss.   The first time I tried it, it felt a bit awkward  but eventually I grew accustomed to it.  Now I'm really hooked and never leave home without it in my make up kit inside my bag.

My current fave is Revlon, Colorburst Lip Gloss which comes in different shades but I prefer the darker red tints like Bordeaux and Wine. When my sister was in Thailand for a business trip she emailed me to say they were much cheaper in Bangkok so I told her my fave shades and she bought them for me.

Another fabulous make up item is the tinted liquid moisturizer which also acts as foundation.  They are known as BB Creams.  I've been using a Korean brand named Missha.  I first came across this brand which is hypoallergenic when we first went to HK in 2009.  There was a sales person doing a make over session on someone and it caught my interest.  They also have a branch here in the Philippines but it seems it is much cheaper in HK.

So here's to tinted make up items! Great beauty innovations!

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