Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today I learned

Pandora is the first woman in Greek Mythology.

Octothorpe is the pound or the number sign.

These I got from watching the game show "Million Dollar Drop".

It is quite interesting and is mostly based on trivia questions.

You are asked a total of 8 Questions from different categories.

You are asked to place a million on the correct answer.

Then the wrong answers are dropped one by one.

You win the total amount left at the end of the 8 questions.

I mostly get the answers if they dealt with geography, music & movies.

But draw a complete blank when it comes to things related to the Philippines.

Subjects like local folklore, OPM (Original Philipino Music) and local geography.

This is where D can share his knowledge.

If we had 'played' on tonight's show, we will go home empty handed.

Because I had no idea the pound sign is known as Octothorpe.

Boo hoo.  :D

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