Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas in Hong Kong

This was our 3rd visit to Hong Kong so we basically took it easy.  Itinerary was blank. No tourist sites/attractions were on the agenda.  But we did soak in the cool climate (some days it was too cold for comfort) and had many family bonding moments. 

My (camera) trigger happy hubby though still managed to take tons of pictures. Several times, I would be peeved at him because he would wander off and we'd have to wait for him in the freezing cold before we could move on to our next destination. He just took pictures of everything in sight!

So most of the pictures I will be posting are c/o of D. In essence, I guess I have to thank him or else I would have nothing to blog about.  :D

Even though Hong Kong is mostly populated by Buddhists, their malls were still decked up with Christmas decors. I also noticed that their malls were very fragrant as in they smelled really good!!!


Photo Cache said...

Hongkong is so festive for the occasion, you'd think it's a Christian country, isn't it?

DaPHne LAura said...

I figure for them it is more highly commercialized holiday. More a gift giving occasion than a religious holiday. But yes it was quite festive!