Sunday, March 03, 2013


I remember eating at a restaurant that had movie posters hung all over their walls.   It had authentic posters of old movies as well as recently shown ones. The food wasn't really that good but the custom posters added a cozy and homey atmosphere to the whole dining experience.

Some custom posters are a good way to add some artistic flair to an otherwise blank wall. It doesn't have to be merely posters of movies. Nowadays, many people have developed a love for photography.  Pictures of scenery, tourist attractions, historical landmarks can all be turned into beautiful posters.  Important events like birthdays, anniversaries and milestones which capture family bonding moments are also poster worthy. 

It is quite simple to do this online.  First you create an account. Next you choose the size of the posters and different options like lamination, mounting and poster branding are also available.   The next step would be to upload your file by adding it to the cart. A simple instructions dialogue will guide you through the process.   Step 4 would be to pick your shipping options which includes packaging options and shipping methods.   It will take several days or weeks depending on your location. If you Wanna see more, simply visit their website for more details or check out their FAQ page for more information.

My vision of my dream house is to adorn the master bedroom walls with different sized posters of my numerous travels. It would probably fill up all the four walls. Essentially, I tend to veer towards images of wide open spaces, panoramic scenery and historical landmarks which have stood the test of time to remind us of our rich past.  I reckon it would be quite a difficult task to sort through tons of our pictures to pick the ones I'd like to be turned into posters.  But it would be quite fun to relive the memories!


Photo Cache said...

yap those classic posters are eyecatching. i've been eyeing just the right one.

DaPHne LAura said...

I need to buy my dream house first before I invest in posters he he he
It might take forever but dreaming is free! :D