Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sights and scenes of Enchanting Macau

Mobility in Macau is quite easy. There are several shuttle buses of hotels which you can ride for free.  So while my parents were resting in The Venetian, my sister and I went hotel hopping.  Our first stop was the nearby Galaxy Hotel & Casino.  

Then we headed to the Four Seasons hotel which has a link way connecting to The Venetian, Macau

City of Dreams is a massive complex that houses 3 hotels (Hard Rock Hotel, Grand Hyatt and Crown Towers) along with a shopping arcade, an entertainment center, row of restaurants and a casino.

A fantastic view of The Venetian taken from the food court of City of Dreams complex

 The next day after checking out of The Venetian, we headed to Senado Square.

Of course no visit to Macau would be complete without laying your eyes on its iconic landmark - The Ruins of St Paul's Church


Heart of Rachel said...

I like those colorful Wishing Crystals. Did you make a wish?

I can only imagine how big the City of Dreams is.

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of Macau.

DaPHne LAura said...

Yes Rach I did make a wish. :)

City of Dreams is huge but well contained.

The Venetian Macau is very big as well. It has many shops, boutiques, restaurants and a food court. Many interconnecting links which can be quite confusing. You need a map to decipher your way around. Although there are 'street' signs, we got lost several times trying to find our way back to our suite. :D