Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pills, pills and more pills!

3 months have elapsed since I had my medical tests so it was time for another consult. I wanted to check my cholesterol levels to see if there were any improvement after taking the prescribed medicine for 3 months.

My lipid profile indicates 3 of the 5 cholesterol conditions were now within normal level, while my triglycerides and VLDL level were still 'critically' high.  Plus my liver functions peaked not in a good way so that 'problem' needs to be addressed ASAP.

So although I've been on a strict diet (save for 1 week when my sister was in town), been active in my simple exercise routine, I must still push myself further to attain my goal of a 'no pills' lifestyle.

It is deeply frustrating to say the least. I've never been a pill popping for every ache kinda person.  It just takes me back to the 'dark' period when I was undergoing fertility treatments where the amount of pills + the injections I endured was pure torture.  

On hindsight, I believe stressing over the cost of the meds was a big factor in my failure to conceive than my actual inability to be a mother.  Oh well such is life, we win some and we certainly lose a lot more in the process.

So this morning, I just drank all the necessary pills and shrugged.  I might as well just accept this whole new lifestyle and charge it to the rigors of getting old(er) and my credit card too!


Photo Cache said...

take care of yourself. sometimes it sucks to grow older isn't it?

btw, pray for me, i am doing invitro (IVF) next month. so i'm getting pumped with tons of estrogen.

DaPHne LAura said...

Yes it sucks big time. You can feel every aches and pains that pound on your body.

Oh wow, good luck and sending loads of prayers your way for a successful IVF procedure. How exciting!

On a personal note, for some reason, My OB GYN didn't recommend IVF for my condition. Not that I could afford it but at least I wanted it as one of my options. That's another reason why I 'quit' the whole TTC process.