Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Habagat (Monsoon Rains) 2013

The rainfall started at a frequent rate last Saturday.  I was at a health clinic to get my blood tested for my cholesterol levels. Oh this reminds me I have yet to get my test results but I haven't been out due to the stormy weather.   

Sunday, we heard the 11 am Mass by then the downpour got really heavy so we rushed home after grocery shopping to stock up on supplies.  By evening, the precipitation got heavier along with strong winds which kept banging against the window panes.  Class suspension announcements were made by the various local government units.  

So D slept in Monday as the storm became stronger, causing massive flooding across the National Capital Region and neighboring provinces.  Every time the volume of rainfall got bigger, this was the scene outside our doorstep.

These were taken from the second floor of our apartment.  Kids just appeared out of nowhere and start playing in the massive 'swimming pool' on our street.

Yet every time I start to panic and think the flood level will increase and start seeping through our door, the rains took a break and it would quickly subside and the street was dry yet again.

I know I am lucky as I watch the news and see the devastation the storm Maring (along with the monsoon rains) caused on people living in low lying areas across the metropolis.  Wet, shivering and probably quite hunger, they are evacuated in rubber boats by rescue personnel.  At the local schools which are converted into evacuation centers, they have to contend with the crowded surroundings, common bathrooms and the lack of relief goods to alleviate their hunger.  

Tuesday saw the same cycle all over again. Heavy downpour with strong winds. Once again the capital was at a stand still as mobility was hampered with flooded streets, stranded commuters lined the streets as traffic jams prevailed.  It was total chaos.  Classes as well as work were once again suspended.  Miserable conditions all around. 

By the way, here are important phone numbers we should all have posted in our homes, and saved in our cellphones. 


Today August 21, 2013 is a regular holiday here as we mark the 30th death anniversary of President Aquino's dad.  Weather wise the rains are still quite heavy but less frequent. Some roads are now passable while some towns still remain flooded.  It is really quite bleak as we haven't seen the sun in five days now. 

As I type this post, I got these advisories c/o Twitter:

ADVISORY: Classes in PUP Sta. Mesa, Manila are suspended until tomorrow, August 22, following Mayor Estrada's announcement.

Yellow Rainfall Advisory No. 28

Weather System: Southwest Monsoon (#Habagat) enhanced by
Tropical Storm “#MaringPH
Target Areas: #MetroManila
Issued at: 04:30 PM, 21 August 2013 (Wednesday)

Moderate to heavy rains is expected over Metro Manila, #Bulacan, #Pampanga, #Rizal, #Cavite, #Bataan and portions of #Laguna, #Tarlac, #Quezon, #OccidentalMindoro and #Zambales and most likely to continue for the next 3 hours.

• FLOODING in low-lying areas may still prevail.

• ALL are advised to MONITOR the weather condition and watch for the next advisory.

Let's all hope and pray there will be an improvement in the weather. God help us, all.


Kayni said...

Thank God you two are safe. I can't believe how much rain has poured over there.

Stay safe.

toni said...

This storm was crazy fickle! Rain, stop, rain, stop. Argh! I think it's left for good though. Thank goodness. It's caused enough devastation!

DaPHne LAura said...

Thanks Kayni. Yes it has been pretty miserable this entire week.

DaPHne LAura said...

It still rains here Toni. I thought it would be better today (Thursday) but still dark skies, heavy downpour with strong winds. Tsk tsk tsk.

Photo Cache said...

nice to know you were safe, but the worry is still there.

how can we prevent this from happening year after year after year?