Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chef's Noodle, SM North The Block

I heard so much about this restaurant so when it opened a branch at SM North (just a few minutes away) I wanted to try their dishes.  I had a difficult time finding it because I forgot to jot down the exact location.  I asked the information desk and the lady at the counter directed us towards another wing. So we decided to go to another eatery for lunch because I was already hungry.

Lo and behold we literally stumbled into Chef's Noodle as we were heading towards another establishment. I had a misstep and almost fell and when I got my bearings back the Korean restaurant was within sight.
It is a rather small place with a second floor or rather a loft. We were directed to a table for two at the loft.  Another place where they maximize every single space so the tables are pretty close to each other.  
I ordered the dishes on their chef's recommendation list. We had their signature soup dish Chef's Noodle which is Korean fresh noodles with beef, anchovy broth topped with leeks, bean sprouts, fried tofu, spring onions, egg roll and beef Bulgogi. It was still boiling hot when it reached our table.

Japchae -  Sweet potato glass noodles with beef and vegetables.

Bibimbap - traditional Korean steamed rich with seasoned beef, vegetables and fresh egg.

The portions are of decent size. In fact, they can be shared for two persons well because I don't really eat much.  But the best thing about Chef's Noodle is how affordable the dishes are.  Our bill was less than 500 pesos (meals + beverages) which is a good deal for people on a budget. So if you are in the Q.C area and craving for Korean cuisine, I'd recommend you try Chef's Noodle. 

The pictures are c/o of my new smartphone. In fact those were the first images I took using the new phone. It was mostly a trial and error basis as the settings on the camera were still unfamiliar to me. I almost dropped the phone into my soup because I'm not used to utilizing a phone to take pictures. he he he But overall, I was quite satisfied with the resolution and the quality of the images.   =)

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