Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas Dinner: Restaurante Platao, Macau

After the 6pm mass at the Cathedral de Se, we proceeded to Senado Square in San Malo which is the main plaza in Macau.  We opted for authentic Portuguese food to sample dishes from the land of the colonizers of Macau before it was handed back to China. There was a long queue but it was nice and cold so we didn't mind waiting.  RESTAURANTE PLATAO is as Portuguese as you can get.  Bacalhau (Cod Fish) is the main ingredient in its menu.  I'd have to say it is similar to Spanish cuisine as most dishes are heavy on the sauce.  But there is a peculiar taste I can't quite describe.  So it might not please every palate.

Grilled Sardines

Grilled Portuguese Sausage

Dinner rolls and butter

Stewed Bacalhau Tongue

Fried Rice Portuguese Style

Baked Bacalhau with Mixed Seafood

 Poached Vegetables

Most of the service crew are Filipinos.  One of them kindly suggested we try their Biscuit Mousse for dessert which is like an ice cream cake with sans rival flavor.  It was yummy.

He was also generous enough to take our group picture.
One ... Two ... Smile!

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