Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas in Macau (Dec. 24 - 26, 2013)

Due to the whole brouhaha over the visa issue, our plan B was to spend Christmas in Macau for 3D/2N. 
So I was really anxious if we could still get flight tickets at the very last moment.  Considering that the frequency of flights from Manila to Macau was rather limited. They only fly there twice a week.   But as luck was on our side, visa wasn't an issue so it was all systems go. 

Fortunately, my sister was able to purchase some ferry tickets even though it was very last minute.  I'd tell you the huge amount of stress I was under before our trip pushed through was insurmountable. I only felt relaxed when I was finally seated in my window seat as the Cebu Pacific plane took off from the NAIA Terminal 3. 

Anyway, here's our Macau adventure in picture form.

We took the 10 am ferry from HK and by 11am we were in Macau.

Our suite at THE VENETIAN MACAO wasn't ready yet so we decided to have an early lunch.

The OLD NEPTUNE RESTAURANT, located within the massive hotel serves some really odd delicacies so we merely ordered some noodle soups, congee (porridge) and crab cakes just to fill our grumbling stomachs.

The view from our 19th floor suite is of the adjacent hotel casino, THE GALAXY MACAU

So we took the free shuttle bus service and went to explore the GALAXY Macau.

By this point, we were exhausted so Mom, my sister and I decided to go try our luck in the casino slot machines just so we could sit down and rest a bit.  As you know picture taking isn't allowed inside casinos. 

Ergo, the following pictures are c/o the hubby who went through two fully charged batteries 
of our digital camera as he clicked away to his heart's content.  

By night fall, it was time to head back to the Venetian Macao for a sound sleep on a nice wide bed.

End of Part 1

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