Saturday, January 25, 2014

Little Surprises

This weekend, I decided to sort out the mess in our bedroom. Days before our trip (back in December) I ransacked our closets for our winter clothes. Set aside the ones to air, the ones for drycleaning, the ones that no longer fit. Then just threw the rest into a big pile and by some miracle was able to close the closet without them spilling out. 

It was just today I finally found time to rearrange them. As I was going through the pockets of each item, I discovered long forgotten cash as well as some hair accessories I thought I lost eons ago. So now I got extra cash to pay off my credit card bill. Yes it is quite a substantial amount since I'm the type of person who keeps cash in her pockets, in case I lose my wallet or worst my bag gets snatch or something like that.

But the biggest surprise I discovered is the gift wrapped item at the bottom of all the heap of winhter clothes. The card was  dated October 19, 2013. Inside was this novel still wrapped with plastic.

You see this was my birthday gift given to me by my parents way back in the month of October! 

I honestly cannot remember how I misplaced it and totally forgot about it for several months now. It is a good thing I decided to stop postponing and really paced myself to sort our closet! 

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