Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The ubiquitous post about the weather

The foremost reason we spend our Yuletide holidays in HK (aside from the fact that my sister now lives there) is the cold winter weather.  I thrive in cold climate. I can go around with my hair down and not tie it in a ponytail as is my SOP here in Pinas. I don't mind walking far distances as long as there are pavements to safely walk on and I don't sweat up a storm.  I can take public transport without perspiring buckets and not feel tired once I reach my destination.  Lastly, I can channel my inner fashionista vibe and roam around town looking fabulous, if I may say so myself.

So this current spell of 'cold' climate enveloping the Metro is a much welcome treat for me.  The temperatures dropped to a low of 17 degrees Celsius, early morning Monday.  It was quite pleasant. Although it isn't cold enough for me to don my winter clothing just yet, the mere fact I don't sweat is putting a big smile on my face.  It also makes me sleep in far later than I have to so I have been neglecting D as I haven't been preparing his breakfast.  But he is a big boy and can manage on his own, bless him!


Photo Cache said...

well that's nice that it's cooler in the metro right now. we on the other hand are experiencing a warm winter. the summer temps we have been having this winter along with the dry, lack of rain or snow, is causing drought situations here. what is happening?

DaPHne LAura said...

Wow so your area did not experience the polar vortex which gripped several states! That was terrifying! Climate change is a term and.phenomenon we have to deal with now whether we like it or not.