Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Coffee, please!

It was quite chilly when we were in HK so after we strolled our feet off, we would find a decent coffee shop to warm ourselves up.  Well to rest our tired feet as well.

But the problem is everyone had exactly the same idea so seats were limited or not available. Most of the cafes were full and since there were 5 of us, it was always so difficult to find vacant seats. 

So what we did was to go for coffee at a later hour say around past 5 or even past 5:30 pm. Usual orders are cups of coffee along with some slices of cake.  I also got addicted to macarons, the French variety. So colorful and quite flavorful in just one bite.

I overdosed on coffee and sweets because days after I returned from our trip, I had trouble sleeping and I need to get my blood sugar checked as I'm sure it is way too high now.


Photo Cache said...

i really should get macarons from a reputable source, bec the few times i've had them i didn't like them :)

did you know that you imbibe no calories when you're on vacay?

Kayni D said...

i hope you're sugar level is ok. i also indulge when i'm on vacation. i love french macarons. there's only one place i get them in DC.

DaPHne LAura said...

Hmmm are you sure about that? We don't imbibe any calories while on vacay? I have my doubts but if you say so I will take your word for it. LOL :D

DaPHne LAura said...

Actually Kayni I haven't gone for a check up of my blood sugar levels. *Shrugs* I don't feel anything naman so why bother? Gagastos pa ako. :D