Thursday, April 03, 2014

Positive Thinking

Although March is one of the longest months of the year with 31 days, it flew by so fast. 

I was saddled by mostly negative vibes. The death of a beloved aunt, the common colds that would recur every after week, computer woes which basically means I am pretty much offline for the simple reason that my PC conked out

I am still paying off my credit card dues so even if I am itching to purchase a replacement, I need to exercise maximum restraint.

Thankfully I have my smartphone so I have access to my emails albeit on a limited basis. 

But all of these setups are surely nothing compared to the full blast onslaught of the intense summer heat. 

Temperatures hit the 35 degrees Celsius mark today and I swear it felt like I was back in the arid desert of Dubai all over again. Yet unlike in Dubai where our apartment had centralized airconditioning, our tiny two storey flat here in Project 8 feels like you live in a furnace!

I don't thrive in hot temperatures. I get all sweaty, really cranky and believe me you don't want to be in my company in this deplorable state of perspiration.

I try to think positive and imagine I am all bundled up in some chilly environment but lately it has not been working in my favor. Not when I am enveloped by a thick layer of sweat that seriously is giving me headaches.

I am surprised I managed to even compose this post entry (using the tiny keyboard of my smartphone, at that!) but seeing how much I have neglected this blog just further adds up to my anxiety.

Golly gee!!!


Photo Cache said...

I am the same way; when i get hot and sweaty my alter ego, ms cranky pants, emerge and it's not a pretty sight.

I too need a computer. Both my pc and laptop need replacing, but just like you i still have no budget for one or both.

DaPHne LAura said...

LOL Ms Cranky Pants. :D