Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Macau: Part One

It is already the 27th day of the first month of 2015?  Time flies ha? I've been keeping my mind busy, writing reviews of all the films I've watched since September last year on my other blog. I am still in the month of October so I have a long way to go. But I'm happy because I get to write again as opposed to just posting pictures and adding captions to them.

Physically, I have not done anything to get healthy as I sit on my fat butt all day writing entries. I should probably stop wondering why my waist line is still as bloated as a blow fish when I don't make any effort to slim down, no? Although sometimes, I get too engrossed in composing reviews, I just eat a small bowl of soup with rice. You'd think that would help in my effort to trim my waist line?

So enough whining about doing nothing 'healthy', let's get on with the ubiquitous post about Macau. You are probably wondering why we always have a side trip to this tiny state when we visit Hong Kong. Philippine passport holders can enter HK visa free for 14 days. This means upon entry they automatically give you 14 days regardless of the length of your stay. They advise travelers who plan to stay beyond 14 days to go to their nearest consulate and apply for a visa. 

Magastos po yun at matagal ang processing, tapos marami pang documento ang kailangan. Minsan pa hindi nila i-aaprove so bakit ka pa magpapakahirap, di ba? 
Kaya ang ginagawa namin at ginagawa na rin ng madlang pipol ay lumalakbay kami sa kalapit na bayan na ngayon po ay sakop na rin ng malaking lupa ng bansa may isang sanggol policy. Doon ang binibigay nila ay 30 araw na visa upon arrival din po.

Nakakapamasyal ka na sa magagandang tanawin, mag eenjoy ka rin sa mga casino (paborito ni Ma!) at pagkatapos ay makakabalik ka ulit sa pamamagitan ng ferry na isang oras lang biyahe at ipatatak ulit sa passport mo na 14 days. Ayos, di ba?? Kaso halatang halata po yun kaya ang ginagawa namin ay nag checheck in sa isang hotel ng isa o dalawang gabi (depende po sa budget) dahil sa totoo lang ay kulang ang isang buong araw sa dami ng magagawa doon. 

Now allow me to regale you with some sights and sites of Enchanting Macau.

The Galaxy Macau
Galaxy Macau at night

Lobby of City of Dreams Macau

The Venetian Macau

Sands Cotai Shoppes

St. Francis Xavier Church in Coloane, Macau

Coloane City - a fishing village

The Combatting Pirates Monument is dedicated to the "Coloane Incident". In 1910 pirates took a dozen pupils hostage and were held for ransom. Portuguese soldiers launched a military operation to free the hostages.

Sands Cotai

Swarovski Store in Senado Square

Post Office

Senado Square

St. Dominic Church

Cathedral de Se

Manger at the Plaza de Se

Road Signs

The Archbishop Palace

Peek a boo with Grand Lisboa Casino

West Lobby of The Venetian Macau


Photo Cache said...

HK and Macau are destinations of my dreams. Especially Macau with its Portuguese influence. The eating must be incredible in both places.

Kayni D said...

Wow...that Grand Lisboa Casino caught my eye. Speaking of eating, are buffets big there?

DaPHne LAura said...

Oh yes I've grown to love Portuguese food. I will blog about it in my next post! :)

DaPHne LAura said...

Yes Kayni the Grand Lisboa Casino is shaped as a giant pineapple. It is a massive hotel and its facade is awesome!

I suppose there are buffets in the hotels/casinos. But in my opinion it is the little wall in the hole restaurants that are worth checking out. Really tasty food, they have! :)