Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I got back Monday, Feb. 23, 2014 after two weeks of lovely cool climate, loads of eating out + 3 days of being totally sick with intestinal flu (horrible because all 3 days, I vomited every time I ate something!). 

Then Chinese New Year, the Year of the Goat came and all the stores, dining places were closed for 4 days (from Thursday to Sunday!). Apparently, I wasn't aware that the whole of HK closes down for CNY. Neither did my sister since this was the first time she spent CNY in HK.

But I was still happy because I spent it with my sister and we just stayed home and watched movies while eating microwave popcorn. Thankfully by then, my tummy was cooperating so I could take in some solid food without throwing up. An upgrade from surviving on crackers and Pocari all day.

As usual as I type this post, I'm sweating profusely.  Blah! Even though according to the local weather bureau, RP is still being visited by Amihan, strong winds from China which envelops our beloved nation with cool winds. But it seems it would all change by next week when the 'tag-init' season sets in. Phew!

I can't really complain because there is really no place like home! =)


Kayni D said...

You just reminded me that it's warm some place. We got the deep freeze here. We got buried in snow last week. This morning, we're getting more.

Glad you had a great time with your sister. I think that's my next plan, to spend time with my sister in Pinas :).

DaPHne LAura said...

That is a great plan Kayni :)

I love the cold climate but I think that deep freeze would not be that pleasant even for me a 'winter' person.