Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Peek a boo @ The Peak

On this last day of March, the sun is scorching hot. The weather app on my smartphone says that the current temperature today at 4:26 PM is 33 degrees Celsius! But they say that the tag-init season has not yet officially started. So expect it to get hotter in the coming months. Nice, NOT!!!

So I'm using reverse psychology and thinking of cooler places I'd rather be right now, this very instant as sweat beads form on my forehead and my back is soaking wet from perspiration.

I'm posting pictures of our visit to the Peak in HK on the third day of this year. The Peak is a favorite place of mine to visit. It has a fantastic view of the whole city state. The climate is very pleasant. It can be reached through different forms of transport like buses, taxis and its famous Peak Tram. 

On our way up we decided to take a double deck bus, boarded on the upper level and enjoyed the long and winding road to reach our destination.

Once you reach The Peak, there are many attractions that will divide your attention. You can dine at the numerous restaurants, you can go shopping at the The Peak Tower mall and you can go to the several viewing decks to admire and soak in the gorgeous view. 

The climate was quite chilly but it did not stop us from going further up to the Sky Terrace 428 Overview for an even picturesque view of HK.

Once there you can avail of the Hong Kong Sky Tour which is an interactive touch screen audio tour. It is free for Sky Terrace 428 ticket holders.  You can listen to an audio tour that explores the architecture, cuisine, culture and history of the state.

As the sun was setting for that day, it got really cold up there so the parents decided to go down and have coffee at the mall. We stayed behind but it was time to don our beanies and gloves to protect from the chilly wind.

Eventually it was too cold for comfort so it was time to descend and say farewell to the Sky Terrace.

To warm our tummy from the cold weather, we all had really yummy hot wanton noodle soup.

With our stomachs full, it was time to join the very long queue to board the Peak tram. It was freezing cold by then as the evening air enveloped us but I totally loved it!!!


Photo Cache said...

Love the selfie at the end of the post, kaya lang wala si Mister. I really should visit HK one day. I know I'm gonna love not only the spectacular sights, but the little nooks and crannies of the markets and of course the mouthwatering dishes. Hay dreaming again.

Kayni D said...

Love, love places where I can see a good view of the city. I think I'd really like HongKong. It looks clean.

DaPHne LAura said...

Hehe si Mister ay nasa upo sa kabilang upuan kaya di nakasama sa selfie or groupie ba tawag doon?

There is nothing wrong with dreaming and yes you should include HK in your list!

DaPHne LAura said...

You would like HK, there are many attractions to view the city from a vantage point, Kayni.