Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pride and Prejudice

Let's see so this year (in May), we will be marking our 7th year of wedded bliss. But up to now, I still discover certain things, qualities and abilities of my hubby which surprise and amaze me. Heh! I know seven years is not a long time but still. Now don't get me wrong, it isn't disparaging at all. The discovery is pleasant and fills me with pride and dare I say prejudice.

Of course, back then I knew he was (and still is) a jolly, kind-hearted and God fearing person. And also physically he is attractive so that is an added bonus. He teaches history at the collegiate level so naturally he has the brains, too. I can say that handling 9 classes composed of 40+ students per classroom is no mean feat. You should see him when it is grading time, all those class records with almost 400 students to check, mark and record their grades - it is chaotic. But he is used to it by now, I just stay out of his way!

December 2013 he decided to embark on a self imposed 'challenge' to come up with a daily 'article' about Jose Rizal, for one year. He diligently researched, composed and wrote from the heart, each day for one whole year. 365 articles! It was quite a challenge! I saw that it took a toll on him because he hardly slept just to meet the deadline of posting each article before midnight for 365 days.

Yet he managed and all of his hard work paid off, he finished it January of this year. His writings are facts and similes about our national hero. D's vivid imagination came to fore and they are all well written. My only role was to edit here and there for them to be concise. We are currently busy working on the manuscript and hopefully have it published in book form, soon.

What I'm trying to convey in this post is how I am in awe with how D uses his God given talent to excel in everything he puts his heart into. I mean I knew he was smart et al, being a professor, you know. But I never knew he was this good!

I guess I should be ashamed I am admitting this out loud here in a public blog, because you see I was under the impression that his forte was writing in the vernacular but once I started reading his daily compositions, I was impressed he can write equally well in the King's language.

Just as I mentioned above, it is a pleasant surprise and I feel nothing but immense pride that I married such a talented guy!  Mind you, I didn't say 'perfect' because he has his flaws and his shortcomings but I'll just keep that to myself. It's nothing I can't handle. Ako pa?! :D


Kayni D said...

Wow...365 articles! I am impressed. I hope it will be published soon. I'd be interested to read all these articles.

Photo Cache said...

Impressive feat indeed. These men who set out a goal and achieve it are rare. I salute him.

I'm celebrating 8 years in May and I still am surprised at the little discoveries I learn about the hubby.

DaPHne LAura said...

Kayni I call them articles but I guess they are mostly essays, short but packed with information, humor and some profound analogy - all created from the very fertile imagination of D! :)

DaPHne LAura said...

Photo Cache - Oh you guys are one year ahead of us - 8 years this year but also in the merry, marry month of May ;)

Toni Tiu said...

Wow, that's amazing! 365 pieces on Rizal! Turn it into a book - Rizal A Day or something like that. :D :D :D

Belated happy anniversary to you both!