Monday, April 20, 2015

Family that eats together, gain weight together?

Yes, it has been a week since my sister went back to where she works. 

Yes, we ate a lot during her visit. We went to her fave restaurants as well as tried new ones. 

Yes, there were times we were so famished we forgot to take pictures of the food and ourselves.

Suffice to say, we were filled to the rafters. And as proven by these pictures, we were all smiles and had so much fun doing what we do best ... eating!

Barrio Fiesta, SM Megamall Atrium Wing

 The Francos @ HK Chef, Macapagal Avenue

ABE, SM Megamall Fashion Wing

These photos also prove how much weight I've gained so it is best to moderate my hunger pangs and eat less. As 'exercise' is not part of my wide vocabulary, I guess I have to thank the hopelessly warm, humid and very hot climate as I sweat profusely nowadays. 

Heh! I never thought I would openly admit to 'liking' this terrible weather. Truth is, I am miserable and definitely loathe this sweat inducing climate that has made its hot and sunny presence in full blast in our beloved nation. 

Ugh, time to take my second shower for the day!


Photo Cache said...

Eating is fun when you're around people you love and did you know that calories eaten when with a person visiting from other countries don't count?

Stay cool this summer. I can only imagine in horror the suffocating heat :)

toni said...

Oh yummy food! You don't notice how much you're eating when you're with people you love. Heehee. The conversations just make the good times fly by so fast! Before you know it, you've gotten several helpings of rice and ulam! Sarap kumain ng pamilyang Pinoy. <3

Kayni D said...

I LOVE to eat! I think I'll do well if I get to hang out with you. :)

DaPHne LAura said...

Photo Cache really? Is that how it is? I like the way you think! hehe

DaPHne LAura said...

Yes I agree, Toni! The Filipino family loves to eat hehe

DaPHne LAura said...

Sure Kayni that is a good idea, we can meet for lunch, afternoon tea and even dinner. I won't beg off from eating! ;)