Wednesday, April 20, 2016

HK: Discovery Bay

This week, the summer heat is scorching and sizzling HOT! The weather bureau says it will be even hotter, next month. Drinking plenty of water + taking several showers during the day and in the evening helps but goodness it is really brutal!

I'm definitely staying indoors and it gives me time to sort out pictures I took during our month long vacay. It seems like such a long time ago even though it has just been a month since we returned and I am really missing the cold climate there.

One of the places I wanted to explore in HK was Discovery Bay. It can be reached through a 20 minute ferry ride and by land too via their very efficient bus system. Discovery Bay is an area mostly populated by affluent local citizens as well as the privileged expats. It is a self contained community where everything is available. 

The short ferry ride was bumpy since it was raining and the waves were strong. I'm not a water person so anything that involves a boat/ferry makes me nervous. But once we got to Discovery Bay, I was calmer as the climate was cooler than on Hong Kong island and the scenery was picturesque.




Photo Cache said...

I am learning there is more of Hongkong than I ever thought there is. Like you I'm not a water person and I always get anxious when I'm on a water vessel, with the exception of cruise ships which are huge and very stable over water.

I remember how I loathe the hot and humid summer weather in the homeland.

DaPHne LAura said...

The weather is terrible, I am melting here and my brain cells seem to melt too. Arghhhh!