Friday, December 19, 2003

Chow time
I love to eat out! So at any given time you might find me at these eateries.

Italian - I go to Italianni's at either Glorieta or Greenbelt. They usually have big portions so you can share a pasta dish. Their Caesar's salad is good too. I love their chicken BBQ pizza. Even before you order they give you a basket of bread which you can dip into olive oil and vinegar.
I go to Piu Pazzo for their gourmet pizzas. Tasty, thin crusted and I always ask for additional toppings of anchovies.
Angelino's at Megamall is good for its servings of pasta dishes. It has a wide variety to choose from. I like their ravioli with spinach sauce.

Thai - They serve rice toppings so it is a complete meal at Thai in a Box at the Podium. My favorite is their bagoong rice. I would also order kangkong with bagoong and chicken pandan.

Filipino - For grilled items, we have a favorite located on Meralco Avenue, KSP Grill. It has a cosy bahay kubo ambience to it. We always order their crispy tawilis, bouillabaise soup, crispy tadyang and grilled hito. Great thing is that they also deliver!
Barrio Fiesta if only for its kare kare, crispy pata and sinigang na hipon is worth an occasional heartburn!
Max's Chicken House - tasty juicy chicken, you eat till the bones!

Chinese - Mei Ling also at Megamall. It seems like everytime my mother hears First Friday mass, we end up eating there. It has a HongKong or Singapore flare. Fried Rice with salted fish, Tausi Fish, Mushrooms in claypot, Pepper Beef - all mouth watering dishes. Their noodle soups are also good for merienda.
Super Bowl at either Megamall, Glorieta or even at Alabang's Festival Mall. Big portions at affordable prices. Their tables even have a place where you can hook your bag so you dont worry about your belongings. Never mind if you have to wait for hours to get a table, it is worth it!

Japanese - Rai Rai Ken at the basement of Megamall is another favorite hang out. Their gomoku soup (seafood) and gomoku chakan (fried rice) is enough for me. But I also order California maki and assorted sushi, depending on my appetite.

Korean - it's Kaya Restaurant at Glorieta. Our usual are dak bolgogi (grilled spicy chicken), beef stew, dimsum and their plain rice is nice and sticky.

Snacks - Mangan, at Galleria. Bibingka, pancit luglog and halo halo.
Almond Marina, Megamall near Power Books. Great sandwiches and soup dishes. Roasted turkey dijon sandwich and Washington chowder are smacking good!
Pancake House for its yummy pancakes. My fave are its chocolate pancakes!
Via Mare for its palitaw, goto, arroz caldo and bibingka.

Coffee - Well Im not really a coffee drinking person since it can make me stay up for days. So I go for cold coffee beverages. Hangouts include Figaro, Starbucks, Dome Cafe and Coffee Bean.

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