Thursday, December 18, 2003

"If you can't wake up in the morning.
Cause your bed lies vacant at night.
If you're lost, hurt, tired or lonely.
Can't control it, try as you might.
May you find that love that won't leave you.
May you find it by the end of the day.
You won't be lost, hurt, tired and lonely.
Something beautiful will come your way"

This song by Robbie Williams is the theme song of my existence nowadays.
It used to be that by now I would have had everything in order for Christmas!
But it is already Dec. 18, 2003 and I still haven't bought a gift for my mom.
I still haven't sent e-cards and still got to sort out my mailing list.

And you know what? Im thinking why should I even bother? Im always the
one who cares too much and never get even a fraction of that care back!

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