Saturday, December 13, 2003

Christmas in the Philippines
This is the 3rd year in a row I will be spending the Yuletide season here.
Each year Im still as excited as a kid in a toy store.

I love the fact
--- that as early as September I hear Christmas carols on the radio ---
--- that after the evening news they start the countdown to Christmas ---
--- that despite the tropical weather, I see people wearing boots ---
--- that I see houses, no matter their size, dressed up brightly with lights ---
--- that I get up early for 9 consecutive days (Dec 16 to 24) for Simbang Gabi (alright Im not really a churchgoer but still) ---
--- that at any given December day, at least, one shop at a mall is closed for its annual party for its staff ---
--- that I get to hear the tagalog Christmas carols of my childhood ---
--- that I search endlessly for a parking space at the malls or the bazaars (ehem I don't drive but you get the idea!) ---
--- that the airport is crowded with balikbayans loaded with pasalubongs ---
--- that streets are well lighted up and beautifully decorated with parols ---
--- that I can use the occasion as an excuse to spend like there is no tomorrow ---
--- that traffic gets so bad I can watch a full length movie while waiting ---
--- that I can forget my diet to eat all the native delicacies, drink San Mig Lite and be merry! ---
--- that on the 24th of December, when the clock strikes midnight, my family gathers for noche buena to feast on the traditional fiesta ham, keso de bola, red wine, and delicious desserts ---

The reasons are boundless!!!

All I want to say is that despite the harsh economy, the rampant crimes and whatever else plagues this country - there is no place on earth I rather be for the Yuletide holidays than right here in jolly old Pinas!

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